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For more than twenty years, clients have asked me to transform places from the mundane to the refined. The photos on this website reflect my desire to make those places their own, and illuminate the essence of my business: Place.

From the time I was a child, I interpreted a place not as it was, but as it could be.  I imagined changes in my grandmother's house, rearranged in my mind's eye a playmates' vacation getaway-and, of course, revamped my own bedroom: One day Alice in Wonderland, the next Judy Jetson's bedroom.  As I matured, my curiosity and passion led naturally to my profession.  Today, I am blessed with wonderful people who trust me to create living environments that reflect who they are and how they wish to live.  A place all their own.

Presently, my projects include homes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, New York City, and Newnan, Georgia--

disparate in location, but all revealing my commitment to satisfy the homeowners' wishes, including ideas they have not considered to make their place truly unique.

The end result? Joy.

Allow me to create the possibilities of joy in the place you call your own.

My best,



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120 colina circle

Panama City Beach,

FL. 32413

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